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The Solid Rock that Hillary Clinton stands on

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Any person who stands on faith would see despite all the noise that is constantly being hurled toward the Clintons, particularly Hillary Clinton, is that Hillary has stayed true to herself despite the noise hillary.jpgfrom everyone wanting her to be somebody else.  A devout Methodist who may not wear her faith outwardly, Hillary holds strong to her faith and commitment to God, and is why she is married to Bill. Us Christians know the Devil hates anything that promotes God's teachings and wants to destroy it, why do you think there's so many situations of cheating, news scandals and divorces happening in our country.  It is the Devil who tries to pry apart married couples.

It is also the Devil who puts these evil thoughts into our heads to speak ill on one another.   It is the Devil plays on fear, which is one of his special moves.  This Politico article says that this video "Haunts" Hillary, which goes to show you how ever since airing of that video the Devil, is how long the Devil has been at it.  The Devil thought at that moment he would be triumph in exposing infidelity to the nation that it would break Hillary and she would take the route he wanted which is file for a divorce, instead Hillary stood strong.   So we have what has been over 25 years a ring of controversy that has been targeting Hillary, and if you look at that ring, you can see the people within it instigating it are themselves plagued by the Devil's game of deceit.   Lucifer's goal is to get you to hate, gossip, and judge; it has been his tool for centuries to divide and destroy.   People, we as Christians who are armed with the strong armorer of Lord, we have the power to look beyond these tangled webs and rings of hate/fear that the Devil put out to trap us.  I believe like Hillary, many of us see a video interview of 25 years ago, and look at it for what it is, and that it's a video of 25 years ago. We look forward, we are moving forward in the favor of the great blessings that God almighty has in store for us.

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