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The VP Debate results

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Last night Vice Presidential debate was anything but traditional, the 90 minute debate began with Tim Kaine running a litany of rebukes on Donald Trump as Mike Pence replied laminating against Hillary Clinton.  Each candidate quickly stepped over the other toes interrupting each other and driving over the moderator Elaine Quijano .

It was evident from Tim Kaine's aggressive approach in this debate that his strategy was to put the debate rules behind him to get the message of Trump's rhetoric used throughout this campaign has made him unfit for Presidency. He also was quick to defend any charge Mike Pence levied at Hillary in response with attempting to force Pence to defend Trump's rhetoric.   This approach put a somewhat poised Mike Pence in a bind as by the second half of the debate Pence could only shake his head or utter that 'it was not true' in response to the charges of Trump that Kaine put forward.

See the video above of how effective Tim Kaine's fiery approach paid off.

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