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Coming November 11


It has been a long time since I picked up a Nintendo controller and played a video game or two. Fond memories I have of staying up late playing Super Mario Bros, Zelda, and Metroid and discovering so many secrets hidden within the game.  Joyous days of being young and at a Montgomery Wards or Ventures department store, looking at their video game section and see a game like Super Mario Bros 3 listed for $50.00 and wanting it badly and saving up money to buy the game and additional accessories. Memories.

Taking a huge leap into the retro-gaming market with one of their own; Nintendo has jumped ahead of the pack with the NES Classic Edition.  Just in time for the upcomming holiday seasons gamers and technology enthusiasts alike will be able to dabble into the legendary 8-bit monster that will go on sale in Nov for $59.99 pre-loaded with 30 NES classic games.  Check Amazon, Target and BestBuy stores, for where this system will go on sale at.

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