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Why is KFC Spicy chicken still rare in USA?

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Finger licking good.  


Of all places, one would think home of KFC would have every option available for chicken, but nope. KFC Gold, no don't want that.  KFC Nashville hot chicken, no don't want that.  

I don't go to KFC these days in large part because where I live I find their chicken to be so bland that you can taste the tap water the chicken was soaked in. Plus with each new refinement they market each year I find their chicken to get worse.

But as a young boy originally from southside Chicago, IL I remember KFC having 3 primary chicken options:

Original Recipe
Extra Crispy

There was a KFC right near the church I attended as a kid on 87th Street and Jeffrey Boulevard that my family would always frequent after church services.

The Spicy chicken was so great, it a unique scent and taste. We knew that if you crossed state line and entered Indiana the KFCs there would only carry Original Recipe and Extra Crispy. No Spicy.

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