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Will there ever be anything like FOX Kids again?

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Looking back at what was it is easy to describe what FOX had done to stand out as a new major player in the broadcast TV industry was extraordinary.  

What was originally referred to as the 'Fox Children Production's in 1990 and later renamed to 'FOX Kids' by '93. The FOX network took the existing children's television format used by the major broadcast stations CBS, NBC, and ABC that showed children's programming just on Saturday mornings, and dedicated a weekday blocks for children's television.Logo Fox_Kids.png

From 2PM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, and from 7AM-12PM Saturday, the FOX broadcast station became the FOX Kids network and during that time slot the network catered only to a young audience.

For me the network's s hey-day IMO was definitely the years of 1991-1996, So many new cartoons got their start, or Western dub made it's debut.

I believe it was by the end of the decade that FOX Kids took on challenges from Cable-TV competitors like Cartoon Network and Disney that was getting into a lot more homes as Cable-TV was coming pretty common than ever before.  This change also lessened the need for a children hour block on free over-the-air TV. By 2002 Disney acquired the assets of FOX Kids and the children block would cease to exist from FOX.


FOX Kids promo 1994

One of my GOAT cartoons from the early Fox Children Production years.

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