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Who is No Rig Johnson?

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Reozeo 411 deep dives into the salty, sad, and sadistic life of Wccftech resident troll dweller Silky Johnson.


With over 48,000 posts of trolling on wccftech the loser has developed a fascination with those who have tech than he does, and as of late has got deseperate into stalking those who call him out on behavior. 

When pressed, he cannot muster up proof that he has a current rig that consist of a 4K display he claims he has that's better than everyone else. Instead this loser will try to flip it, and project his insecurities on to you and claim that you are PC rigless, poor, and uneducated. 

No Rig Johnson has got so pressed that his bitterness of those with more PCs than him has led him to stalk users, myself included other social media and blog sites in his desperate attempt for some leverage from being ousted of being a fraud.

In the next few days Reozeo 411 will highlight his devious tactics that No Rig Johnson have been using as we take a year review into this bum's obsession over yours truly.

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